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Standard Parts

Standard parts are tooling & parts that are made to, and conform to, international standards such as DIN, ISO etc. and are drop-in replacement parts.


TDCC offers a range of standard products as well as our very own FANG® range which we developed to provide higher performance compared to other brand names. 

Our Range

We have developed our own brand, FANG®, as we felt that certain standard products do not perform at their optimum and therefore, through some re-engineering, our parts provide extended life and give you a further performance and durability advantage. Our aim with the FANG® range is to be more cost effective, with lower downtime and less replacements. In many cases our FANG® range has been seen to be more cost-effective than competing brands while offering a huge leap ahead in terms of performance.

Even the smallest of parts can stop a large press or work cell causing unnecessary downtime, and therefore the FANG® range aims to minimizes this. 


Examples of Standard tooling and parts that we are able to supply are, but are not limited to:

Piercing Punches and Dies

Our punches and dies are available in two options: High-performance FANG® range and Economy range.


The FANG® range is engineered to suit your specific production environment. These feature specific base metals that are tough, chip resistant and of high strength to handle punching stresses while being compatible with specific coatings. Provide us with information about your punching operation to assist us in optimizing the punch/die for your application.

The economy range are lower cost items and still made to international standards. Although not as durable as the high-performance range, they still offer good performance.

Piercing Punches.jpg

Locating Pins

The FANG® range is the go-to for placements, where accuracy and durability is of prime importance. All threaded parts can be torqued to grade 8.8 level without threads snapping which is a common problem for hard, wear resistant materials. Parts can be made as standard items including NAAMS, or as per drawing/custom-made sizes.


Our standard range features the following characteristics:

  • Economy type with good wear resistance

  • Highly wear resistant parts

  • Weld spatter resistant parts

Locating Pins.jpg

Ceramic Weld Pins

Used in the projection welding, these non-conductive, highly thermal shock resistant ceramics show exceptionally performance.

The ceramics are highly wear resistant and weld spatter resistant, and an increase in part-life of over 60x have been seen when compared to other parts coated with non-conductive coatings.

Ceramic pins are available as standard design; however, we can also supply custom designed pins. Please request our brochure.

Ceramic Weld Pins

Ejector Pins and Sleeves

Our ejector pins perform continuously with minimal wear and stickling and are used in the plastics industry as well as the die casting industry.

Parts can be used uncoated or with a low friction, high release surface treatment such as Nitriding, PVD coatings or DLC coating.

Ejector Sleeves

Contact Us

If you have queries about any standard tooling and parts, please feel free to contact us.

We are always interested in assisting to ensure you are optimized for your application.

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