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About Us

(Manufacturing) Sparks flying

Who is TD Coating Centre?

Over 20 years ago, before the start of TDCC, our company founders we were involved in consulting work for several manufacturing companies to address industry challenges such as tooling wear, replacement costs, sub-par part longevity, high buying frequency, breakage, premature malfunction, and the all-round poor quality within the industry.


Applying our theoretical skills of tool steels and coatings, we had some wins but also some spectacular FAILURES! Maybe there was more to tooling and “coatings” than just following some textbook advice and hoping for the best. As time passed, we learnt that there is no "all-encompassing" textbook that has all the correct information on the many interdependent factors that must be considered in order to create high performance parts, coated or uncoated. We also understood that gaining experience and knowledge from those who have walked the walk was of prime importance.


In the year 2000, we identified the TD coating process as a superior coating for local industries involved in metal forming.

Luxury Car Wheel

Comprehensive Solutions

What allows us to shine over and above competitors is our attention to detail. When manufacturing a part or tool, there are many interdependent factors to consider that affect its performance and ultimately disregarding any one of these factors can result in poorly performing products and wasted money. At TDCC, we consider all of these factors, including: 

⦁    Steel selection
⦁    Steel behaviour due to operating environment
⦁    Correct heat treatment
⦁    Tolerancing 
⦁    Surface finish
⦁    Wear experienced 

⦁    Manufacturing method on the steel metallurgy 

⦁    Understanding the application
⦁    The surface treatment properties

With this comprehensive approach, we have seen our products outlast and outperform even the toughest of competitors.  

Steel Grate Texture

First Steps

Our first step was extensive investment into the TD process, and once a license agreement was signed to perform the TD process in South Africa, we started our journey.


We were extremely privileged to fall under the tutelage of Dr Tohru Arai, former head of Toyota, Japan R&D Laboratories and inventor of the Toyota Diffusion or TD coating process.

Dr Arai had extensive experience in the TD process, and also had an exceptional amount of knowledge of the Japanese manufacturing industry, on physical metallurgy, steels, and many other surface treatment processes – and we were privileged obtain much of this knowledge. With his assistance, it helped us to become a world-class facility. 

For more than 50 years, TD coating has been a tried and tested solution for metal forming tooling. Although we started with this exclusive technology, we have, over the years, added further exclusive coatings as well as manufacturing solutions to our portfolio in order to give a greater depth to our problem-solving ability.

Wheel component

We feel honoured that due to our solutions and coatings, many companies now have parts and components that show performance, and quality, which was previously not achievable. With the application of our solutions, we are able to play our part in improving the manufacturing industry and helping many South African and international companies to become and stay more competitive.

Our ultimate goal is to assist a wide range of industries with various applications. Please feel free to speak to us about your requirements.

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