The TD Coating Centre is synonymous with high performance tooling and parts to provide improved productivity, less downtime and have maximum part life. Starting in 2000 with just our Thermal Diffusion coating, the number of top-class wear and corrosion resistant coatings we offer to the market has grown in order to optimise parts that outperform and outlast. 

Our manufacturing division specialises in the supply of precision-ground (not only machined) tooling and parts from steels, tool steels or carbide, combining the essential ingredients of correct base material, heat treatment, surface finish and surface engineering for the best performance possible. It’s all about getting the highest performance out of your tooling, machine parts or other components. We are a one-stop solution for ultimate performance! 

We also have out own range of standard parts such as piercing punches, coated or uncoated, for improved life and less downtime. Find our more about our exclusive range here.  

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 We currently apply the following coatings, surface treatments and services.

Deposition/Diffusion Coating

TD Coating – The Heavy-Duty, Toyota Diffusion VC coating. The standard for the highest performance, wear resistant standard surface coating on tools and dies.

Deposition Coating

PVD CoatingsThin, hard wear resistant coatings for high precision parts

  • CrN, TiN, TiAlN, TiAlCN, AlCrN, TiCN and CrN/CrC including Duplex version (shallow case pre-nitriding)
  • DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) – Super low friction coating (only available on items manufactured by TDCC).
Diffusion Treatments
  • Nitriding– Specialized Nitriding in which nitride layers are formed to match your application. Mould steel nitriding is used for a smooth, hard surface.
  • Diffox – Specialised Nitriding + black surface oxide for improved corrosion resistance
  • SCNSub Critical Nitriding forms a hard surface layer specifically on stainless steels and is done at a low temperature to maintain corrosion resistance
  • Boriding – Formation of very high hardness, low friction surfaces on mild steels, alloy steels and stainless steels
  • Hard Anodizing –  Hard anodizing for higher corrosion and wear resistance for Alu. 
Surface Protection Coatings and Treatments 
  • Zinc-Aluminium Flake Coatings – the new industry standard for thin zinc layers giving excellent corrosion resistance (> 1000 hrs NSS)
  • Protective Coatings – Gunkote, fastener coatings for marine and severe corrosive exposure, food-grade Teflon coatings, dry film lubricants (MoS2, Graphite, etc) 
  • NANO Technology Surface Treatments – Coatings based on Nano-technology for hydrophobic (liquid repelling) properties, improved release for injection moulding and excellent corrosion resistance. 
  • Polymer Sealant – sealant for chrome plated parts for improved corrosion protection and lower friction (“MLP”)
Plated/Other Coatings
  • Flash Chrome – a thin chrome layer applied to finished parts; good wear resistance and low friction 
  • Hard chrome – thicker chrome layers applied by grind-chrome-grind specially for wear resistance
  • Thermal Spray – HVOF, Plasma Spray and Arc Spray of metals and carbides


We offer a full manufacturing service for precision ground, high tolerance tooling and other parts. Follow this link to find out more Manufacturing.

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  • Custom made tooling and parts – parts made to your specification
  • FANG range – standard piercing punches, dies and other die support products
  • Carbide tooling and parts – tungsten carbide/cobalt parts made to your specification


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Can we make it for you

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Other Coatings & Technologies

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