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Manufacturing & Coating of                      Performance Tooling and Parts

With over two decades in the field, TD Coating Centre’s main focus is to provide high quality, precision made tooling and other parts, which show exceptional performance and durability.

Our aim is to provide parts that perform in their respective applications, and offer solutions that achieve improved productivity, lower downtime, and reduced replacement costs using a variety of engineering solutions.

TD Coated Die
DLC Coated Parts
Anodized Machine Jig
FANG Extrusion Punch
TiN Coated Forming Die
Blanking Tool with Carbide Insert
TD Coated Forming Die
FANG Piercing Punch
316 Stainless Steel Machine Component
Hydrophobic Coating Aluminium Part
Gears and Cogs

Not your average manufacturer

We supply parts made-to-drawing, but we also like to get involved in the end-to-end development and design of parts in order to get them performing at their absolute best. We do this by ensuring the correct combination of metallurgy, base metal selection, correct tolerancing and appropriate heat treatment while matching these with surface engineering, as and where required.

We offer a diverse range of custom tungsten carbide parts, from blanks to fully manufactured, available in various grades.

To further assist all industries, we have developed our very own FANG® range of standardised parts such as punches, dies, locating pins and ejector pins which act as drop-in replacements. Our aim here is to decrease the production downtime that companies experience when reordering parts, while offering a part that performs over-and-above previous versions. FANG® products have been seen to outperform our competitors by as much as 10x with regards to part-life and wear-resistance. 

We also have extensive experience in various high-end surface treatments and coatings that aim to assist in further improving the life and performance of parts.

Products & Services

Products & Services
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Our Mission 

To positively impact and improve the landscape of the manufacturing industry, both locally and abroad, with regards to tooling and parts.  We strive to boost the standards and quality at which parts are manufactured."


There is nothing wrong with doing it right!

Micrometer and Measuring Equipment
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