On the nano scale, matter operates at the one-billionth-of-a-meter level. It is the scale of atoms and molecules and no doubt, nano technolgy has significantly changed many things in our lives, one now being corrosion resistance. If a part can effectively be sealed off from its environment – even by a billionth of a meter – then one can have outstanding properties.

We offer the following for Nano-based treatments   


Corrosion resistance

Nano Premium Anti-Corrosion (NPAC)

Seals the surface with a tough, durable nano-sized layer AND also repels liquids due to a hydrophobic effect (i.e. liquids will bead rather than wet the surface). NPAC has a very high viscosity and thus penetrates easily into microscopic cavities and hard-to-reach places. It displaces moisture at the nano level and the stable, invisible layer protects metals from oxidisation and corrosion. Suitable for all environments including industrial, marine corrosion and electrical systems. NPAC is particularly useful to avoid rust on parts and tooling that have to be transported by sea.

The application process is simple: 

  • remove rust and macro contaminants
  • degrease (we recommend Nanoworks Heavy Duty Cleaner for degreasing as this also works at the nano level!)
  • quick wipe with dry cloth
  • immediately apply NANO Anti-Corrosion until surface is evenly covered
  • leave for 24 hrs to allow protective film to form


Nano Premium Dry Shield   

A solvent-based corrosion resistant treatment that leaves a dry surface. Specially for protection against corrosion, humidity and insect/animal contact on PCB’s and other sensitive electronic equipment.

Premium Agri & Outdoor

A higher efficiency in muddy environments, such as agricultural environments as well as the outdoor and construction. 


  • Premium Ultragloss – waterbased nano high gloss auto wax which produces a three- dimensional nano net-matrix on the surface which reduces the sticking ability of dust and other dirt deposits
  • Premium Autoglaze – A solvent base, high performance complete auto paint revitaliser, generating high gloss and easy to clean effect.
  • Premium Autogard – A permanent ceramic clear coat enhancing, protecting and to maintain the original appearance of automotive paints lacquers.
  • Premium Windshield – Creates hydrophobic effect on glass, making it easy to repel water, fog and mist. High resistance to wipers and weathering.