In cold working applications, cold welding of the work material to tool steel is almost completely eliminated due to the TD coating. The carbide layer between the tool and work material reduces the tool surfaces’ chemical affinity for cold welding to occur. This means an end to galling, scoring, pick-up and seizure. This increase in part quality is immediately visible.

The properties of the TD coating impart substantial improvement to all wear related applications, e.g. stamping dies, forming dies, forging dies, pipe, tube and wire manufacturing, roll forming.

Hot Applications

TD coating has also shown success in hot applications, such as hot stamping, hot forging and high pressure die casting (both aluminium and zinc) as well as hot forging.

Die casting: used mainly on casting cores and inserts, the TD provides a dense, well bonded barrier between the casting shot and the tool steel surface. The coating does not flake or delaminate and resists the thermal cycling stresses. The high density of the VC layer prevents the corrosive molten metal from binding with iron in the tool and this factor reduces adhesion dramatically.

The VC layer also has low affinity for molten aluminium and zinc. This prevents welding of the melt material to the tool steel. Also the high hardness of the coating prevents deterioration of the surface through multiple ejection cycles and any re-polishing that is performed from time to time.

Another major advantage when TD is applied to a pre-polished cavity for example is that the surface quality of the as cast components is preserved for a much longer period of time , reducing the need to post polish castings and eliminating the need to re-polish the cavity.

Hot forming/Forging: the vanadium carbide layer will oxidize to a vanadium oxide which acts as a high temperature solid lubricant. Therefore TD-VC provides an advantage in hot applications. 

Oxidation of Vanadium Carbide


Dependence of an increase in weight of the vanadium carbide coating upon the temperature in oxidation in air (heating rate – 10°C/min)