TD coating your tools has both direct benefits and leveraged benefits that make it invaluable:

app2BENEFITS…. Why you should add TD to your tool !

  • Extremely hard and inert coating resists galling and metal pickup
  • Improvement in product quality due to improved surface finish, appearance and dimensional tolerance on the work piece
  • Saving of tools though life improvement
  • Improved tooling reliability
  • Savings in lubrication or complete disuse thereof in special cases
  • Reduced labour costs for re-polishing, sharpening and maintenance of die
  • Reduction in labour and time for finishing or reworking product
  • Ability to produce better components from problematic materials such as stainless steel, aluminium, high strength and plated steels
  • Difficult shapes can more readily be formed due to less galling, metal pickup and scoring.
  • Less downtime experienced
  • Exceptional increase in tool performance
  • Great corrosion resistance (this benefit can be specially enhanced with a special treatment for corrosion specific applications)


“Tool coatings are a lever to achieve quality and production efficiencies. If you do not value quality or efficiency, you don’t need coating. But if you do, then can you afford not to coat your tooling?”