AISI/Other Bohler  JIS Steels DIN/EN DIN TD PVD Nitriding Boriding
D2 K110 SKD11, SLD 1.2379 X153CrMoV12 Yes Yes1 Yes1 Yes2
DC53 K340 SLD8/SKD11 mod. 1.2990 Yes Yes1 Yes1 Yes2
A2 K305 SDK12 1.2363   Yes Yes2 No No
6F3 K600 1.2767 45NiCrMo16  No No No Yes 
H11 W302 SDK61 1.2344  X40CrMoV5-1  Yes Yes  Yes  Yes2 
M2 S600 SKH51 1.3343  No Yes Yes No
WC/Co carbides       In some cases Yes No No
PM Steels       In some cases Yes Yes No
4140     En19 42CrMo4/1.7225 No Yes Yes Yes

1 – provided the heat treatment and tempers have been performed correctly

2 – can be treated, but not ideal