On the nano scale, matter operates at the one-billionth-of-a-meter level. It is the scale of atoms and molecules and no doubt, nano technolgy has significantly changed many things in our lives, one now being corrosion resistance. If a part can effectivley be sealed off from its environment – even by a billionth of a meter – then one can have outstanding corrosion resistance.  NANOPROTECH Super Anti-Corrosion does exactly that. NANOPROTECH Super Anti-Corrosion seals the surface with a tough, durable nano-sized layer AND also repels liquids due to a hydrophobic effect (i.e. liquids will bead rather than wet the surface). 

NANOPROTECH Super Anti-Corrosion  has a very high high viscosity and thus penetrates easily into microscopic cavities and hard-to-reach places. It displaces moisture at the nano level and the stable, invisible layer protects metals from the damaging effects of oxidisation and corrosion.

The application process is simple: 

  • remove rust and macro contaminants
  • degrease (we recommend our Nanoworks Heavy Duty Cleaner for degreasing as this also works at the nano level!)
  • quick wipe with dry cloth
  • immediately apply NANOPROTECH Super Anti-Corrosion until surface is evenly covered
  • leave for 24 hrs to allow protective film to form


A light oil film will be present and this can be left or removed by wiping with a clean rag. 


NANOPROTECH Super Anti-Corrosion is used in industries such as automotive, agricultural, firearms, robotics, industrial and construction equipment as well as for preservation of tools. dies and moulds during storage. Application is in-situ, parts need not be sent to the TD Coating Centre.


NANOPROTECH Super Anti-Corrosion is available in 150 ml spray cans and 1 litre concentrates.