Corrosion Protection 

Corrosion is responsible for billions spent on maintenance and replacement costs. General solutions provide limited corrosion resistance however our coatings provide the next step forward in corrosion protection.

Corrosion protection can be done in a number of ways: 1. sacrificial coatings, 2. barrier coatings or 3. a combination of the two. For example our Zinc-Aluminium flake coating is sacrificial but also has a barrier element. Teflon based coating tend to be more barrier type coatings.

Zinc-Aluminium Flake Coatings

Zn-Al flake coatings have the advantage of a thin layer (8-12 µm) but, depending on specification/application, can have a salt spray corrosion resistance to red rust in excess of 1000 hrs. Our Zinc Flake coatings easily outperform thinner galvanizing, electroplated zinc and cadmium plating. It can be applied to many different parts including fasteners requiring better-than-normal corrosion resistance. The friction coefficient of Zinc Flake can also be adjusted to the customers requirement. Zinc Flake has no harmful substances such as chrome or lead. The  coatings are now specified by several car companies. Zn-Al coatings are also specified under proprietary names such as Geomet, Magni, Dacromet or Delta.

Flouropolymer Barrier-Type Coatings

Flouropolymer (FP) coatings can contain Teflon and are tough, highly corrosion resistant coatings. Gunkote falls into this category. The FP coatings are applied in thin or thicker varieties; the former can give up to 3000 hrs salt spray resistance, the latter 5000 hrs. The coatings are often known under the brand name Xylar or Xylan coatings.

The FP coating can also be applied as a topcoat over Zinc-Al Flake coating and this ± 2000 hrs salt spray resistance. Any corrosion will proceed extremely slow due to the combination of these coatings.

The TDCC is an authorized applicator of Gun-Kote. Of the Gunkotes, the TDCC can apply the SCK and 16/2 range. SCK is typically for military applications whereas the versatile 16/2 range can be applied in many applications ranging from machine components to fasteners, and is available in a range of colours

Dry Film Lubricant

Certain applications call for dry lubrication (i.e.the absence of oils or greases ) to decrease friction and to prevent seizing. Dry Lube coatings incorporate a lubricating solid such as Molybdenum Disulphide, Graphite, Boron Nitrite or PTFE (Teflon). The most common dry film coatings incorporate Molybdenum Disulphide (MoS2) which show a friction coefficient of less than 0.1. These coatings often under trade names such as Molybond, Molykote, Everlube, Lube-Lok, Perma-silk, Ever-silk etc. Please inquire with us about your specific application.

Non-Stick Coatings

Non-stick coatings are found on applications ranging from cookware to industrial valves to injection moulding dies. These coatings commonly contain PTFE (Teflon) and other release agents. In addition to release properties the coatings also provide good corrosion resistance plus good lubricity. Please speak to us about your exact requirement. The range of non-stick coatings is vast!

Other Specialized Coatings

We can offer many other surface protection coatings. From acid resistant coatings used in mining to electrically conductive coatings for non-static applications to high temperature coatings. Please contact us about your requirements.