Erateel is a specialist manufacturer of conventional high speed steels and powder metallurgical high speed steels. Erasteel provides high quality, low impurty HSS for the best performing parts. Various conventional HSS grades are available as shown below.

What is Powder Metallurgy Steels?

Conventional methods of manufacturing tool steels relies heavily of the proper practises to minimise metallurgical segregration which ultimately leads to carbide banding and low toughness. High alloying is also avoided in the many cases as this leads to heavy segregration. For example, vanadium addtions of greater than 10% is avoided due to heavy segregration, however, such carbides are the very thing that improves wear resistance in tool steels. This is where powder metallrgy plays a big role.

PM SteelsDuring PM processing, liquid melts of steel are made various chemical compositions, then using gas atomization, these melts are blasted through small nozzles into an inert chamber and very small, perfectly spherical, rapidly solidified droplets (powders) of alloy is formed. With cooling rates in excess of 106 degrees per second, there is no time for segregration of the take place. These small, supersaturated  droplets are then dried and the subsequent powders are compressed and HIP'ed to give a full dense structure. The billets is then worked in concentioal ways to provide wire, bar, plate and sheets of PM steels.

With high alloying, the PM steels display wear resistance much above conventional steels, and even with chemical compositions similar to conventional wrought alloys, PM steels show much improved toughness, edge holding and fatigue resistance.

Tooling which often fail by fatigue, chipping, breakage or which needs extra wear resistance can benefit by changing to PM steels. In machine parts, exceptional fatigue life at high strength levels can be obtained.

In conventional steels, no matter how much the surface is improved to minimise cracking initiation, the internal microstructure will limit the life of the part. With PM steel, the surface finish now limits the life of the part as the internal homogeneous structure has incrdible ability.

See below for the range of PM steels available.


Although HSS is associated with high temperature, sliding wear applications, there are numerous fields that the steels can be used. Applications range from drill bits to metal forming tooling to blades to high endurance punches to F1 crankshafts.

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