Working with tooling for almost two decades now, we saw how sometimes the smallest parts could be the biggest headache for manufacturers if they did not perform. Offering coating solutions was sometimes not enough as incorrect tool steels and sometimes poor surface finishes hampered coating performance. Hence we started to take on the delivery of complete manufactured solutions.

Our focus is primarily on small precise, tight tolerance tooling and parts made from various materials. We currently service well over 100 South African companies with small, precision components, both coated and uncoated. We make from 1 off  to 1000’s off without an issue – re-engineered or replacement parts. We have partnered with specific international manufacturers to maximize service and quality delivery at the most economical price to our customers. We also have access to a wide variety of steels, powder metallurgical steels, carbides and other exotic materials.

  • Customs made piercing punches
  • Small press and form tooling
  • Pilot Punches & locating pins
  • Custom piercing dies
  • Burring & extrusion punches
  • Ejector pins/knockout Pins
  • Core pins for die casting and plastic moulding
  • Special machine knives and blades
  • Ammunition tooling


What to do

We will re-engineer the part where necessary in order to offer you a cost effective solution. However in order for us assist with improvement provide us with information about the following. Then email us a drawing and we will be glad to assist.

  • Is the part breaking? Is the part breaking due to overload or fatigue (overload is typically < 10 000 cycles, fatigue > 10 000 cycles)
  • Is it wearing out? What type of wear is present – pickup, scoring, galling, abrasive wear, etc.
  • Punches: how does it “not last” – general breakage, edges chipping, abrasively wearing, etc.
  • Corrosion. Is the environment corrosive? If so, what type of corrosion is experienced?



Our manufacturers utilize only the best Japanese and European made tool steels for our tool steel components. Alternatively we also use sintered tungsten carbide for certain applications and all cobalt and nickel bound grades with a large variety of grain sizes are available. For tungsten carbide we supply mostly finished parts and tooling with very short lead times, but we can also supply blanks for customers who wish to finish grind in-house. Please see our tungsten carbide page for more info click here.   

Standard parts

For our own high performance standard type parts, see our FANG Products page. Standard parts include: 

  • piercing punches
  • button dies
  • pilot pins,
  • locating pins, etc.