Hard chrome is not as much about hardness as it is about the thickness. Typically hard chrome layer are > 25 µm. The process normally involves surface preparation, chroming and then grind-to-size. It has applications in a number of industrial applications, from hydraulics, shafts, metal forming dies and and machine components. The MLP sealing process can also be used to improve the corrosion resistance and to improve the friction properties.

Conventional Chrome has the advantage in that the chrome layer has good hardness, It is a “cold” process and much larger items canm be accomodated. 

We are able to plate on to all steels and also directly onto wrought aluminium.

Please see our Flash Chrome page for thinner applications of chrome for more delicate components.

Contact us to discuss you’re specific need as not all jobs are possible. Please note we DO NOT CHROME CAR PARTS.