Hard anodizing is for when additional corrosion resistance and wear resistance is required from aluminium. We provide the Type III – Class 1 hard anodizing. 

Although Type III – Class 1 is classified as a “clear” treatment, parts will come out dark grey when treating unalloyed aluminium. Hard anodizing alloys such as the 6000 and 7000 series will result in a lighter grey colour. 

Currently we do not offer Type III- Class 2 which is black hard anodizing. 

Top Coats for Hard Anodizing

Colour and Wear resistance

If a deep black is required, we recommend the application of our Surface Protection coatings after hard anodizing the part. Either a hard, scratch resistant 20 µm coating be applied in gloss or matte black. Or a thinner  8 – 12 µm layer of Gunkote can be applied in a wide variety of colours, including red, green, blue and black, or almost any other colour. 

Low Friction 

Should a low friction surface be required, the aluminium can first be hard anodized and then Teflon coated. The hard anodizing provides strength and dent resistance while the Teflon allows improved release properties.