Several years ago, before the start of the TDCC, the company founders we were involved in consulting work for several large manufacturing companies to help improve tool life, and we had some spectacular – FAILURES!

Maybe there was more to “coatings” than just applying it by following some textbook advice and hoping for the best. As time passed, we learnt that no textbook actually has the correct information on many of the interdependent factors that have to be considered in order to create high performance, coated tools and other parts. These factors include: 

  1. steel selection
  2. steel behaviour when exposed to heat (low to high)
  3. correct heat treatment
  4. effects on metallurgy
  5. surface finish
  6. wear behaviour
  7. understanding the application, and 
  8. the coating/surface treatment properties


Once involved in the TD process, we were also extremely grateful to meet, and exceptionally privileged to fall under the tutelage of Dr Tohru Arai, former head of Toyota, Japan R&D Laboratories and inventor of the Toyota Diffusion or TD coating process. Not only did Dr Arai have extensive experience of the TD process, but also had an exceptional amount of experience in many other surface coatings and surface treatments processes – and we were privileged obtain much of this knowledge. 

Today we have more first time successes, far less failures and a lot more happy customers. We also feel honoured that due to our advice and our coatings that several companies can now manufacture parts and components which previously they had great difficulty in producing. With the application of our coatings, we also are able to play our part in improving manufacturing productivity and help many South African companies stay internationally competitive.

High performance parts requires looking at the sum of parts, not just simply adding a process as this rarely solves a problem. Once we understand all the factors involved, then we can start putting a solution together. We don’t apply coatings, we create high performance solutions. 

We are the only licensed TD coater in Africa, and TD coating is a tried and tested solution for metal forming tooling and other parts requiring extreme wear resistance. More than 5 decades after it’s invention the competition still considers it as the benchmark. And though we started with this exclusive technology, we have over the years added further exclusive coatings and solutions to our portfolio in order to give a greater depth to our problem solving ability. Matching the right technology, material selection, heat treatment, surface finish as well as the correct coating with the application is what we do best.

 A Comprehensive Approach

With expert knowledge of steel selection, heat treatment and thin film coatings and surface treatments, we offer valuable and comprehensive advice and service to various industries. In addition to our coating service, we can assist with full development and supply of parts through our value added manufacturing service and we take responsibility for full and comprehensive delivery of a high performance solution.